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Tesla HS


Bell Schedule - call 719.328.3110 or 719.328.3111

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We are very proud of our NHS members. If you are interested in NHS Information, please take a look at our charter.

2023 - 2024 Title 1 Information

Title 1 Parent Information Meeting notice for 9/7/2023 from 3:30 - 6:30 PM at Tesla EOS, 3302 Alpine Place.

Why Tesla EOS

  • The campus is small – only 1 level.
  • Flexible beginning dates – we start students at almost any time during the year and still offer credit earning possibilities.
  • I contract – if a student can’t get their credit completed during the 12-week trimester, they can contract with a teacher to finish the credit within a 2-week window.
  • Relationships – many of our staff form close relationships with their students which often bridges graduation.
  • Small class sizes – you will get more help and attention in your classes and have an opportunity to make connections with other students.
  • Credit Recovery – trimesters allow for 21 credits in a year if you take 7 classes for each trimester.
  • Alternative Credit Opportunities – these are offered for a variety of activities, including CLEP testing.
  • Flexibility with scheduling – a working student could start classes later or attend classes early & end classes before lunch.
  • CTE offerings – Bike Tech, Backpacking, Mountain Biking; also, Explorer, WFA/WE/LNT, BME, MOS 1 &2
  • ACE – credits for working in the community.

How is Tesla Different from other schools?