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Student Laptops


From: Principal Jason Miller

December 9, 2019

Dear Tesla High School Families,

Tesla High School is moving to a one to one technology school starting during the second half of the school year, meaning that each student will be issued a laptop to be utilized in school and at home throughout the remainder of the school year. User Agreements are attached to this letter. Parents are responsible for monitoring internet browsing at home.

Students are expected to have their laptop User-Agreements signed and turned in to Tesla’s Admin. Assistant, Mrs. Helen Blowe, when the laptop is distributed. Distribution of the laptop is scheduled to take place beginning on Friday, January 10, 2020. Students will be expected to participate in the District 11 Laptop Insurance program, offered at a rate of $50 for regular lunch students and on a sliding scale for free and reduced lunch students. Small monthly payments can be arranged by contacting Mrs. Blowe at: 719-328-2110.

Laptops are expected to be carried to every class, every day. Since laptops are checked out to each student there are no additional laptops in classrooms for student use. Students should plan on charging their laptops at home each night to limit the number of cords in the classroom.

Students who have access to their own personal laptop may choose to utilize daily their personal laptop at school. However, Tesla is not responsible for theft or damage to the personal device. In addition, Tesla will not provide technical support for personal devices.

Laptops and cases are to be returned to the library at the end of the school year. Families will be charged for the laptop if the laptop is not returned.

Please find enclosed the following documents 

JS E-1, Technology Resources and Internet Safety Responsible Use Policy

This document is one page and is for you to keep for your reference.

JS-E-2, Student Electronic Device Letter of Agreement

This document is three pages. The document requires initials at the bottom of each page and a signature by both student and parent/guardian on the final page. The Asset#, model#, and Serial# will be completed during the laptop checkout process. (August 20-24)

JS-E-3, Parent/Guardian Opt-Out Declaration for Usage of Technology and Internet Resources

This document is one page and is only to be used as Parent/Guardian Notification of an Opt-Out   Declaration for Usage of Technology and Internet

JS-E-4, Annual Student Device Technology Fee for Take Home Devices

This document is one page and requires a parent/guardian signature.

Student Laptop Documents 

To pay with credit card please go to My School Books Link