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David Mack

Mr. Mack

I have my BA in History w/ Secondary Education with a particular interest in Labor History, Conflict Resolution, Revolution, and Radical Ideologies. My hobbies include video games, Motorsports like F1 and NASCAR (so cars going fast legally), board games and going to live music shows.

Why teaching? 

I got into teaching for a few reasons. Firstly, I have a deep desire to be useful to the world and teaching is a hard one to top in that regard. I've also found kids to be way more fun to be around than adults, and teaching also allows me to stay within the interests of my childhood.

Why Tesla?

I prefer the smaller size of Tesla compared to larger schools. At Tesla, I feel like we actually 'see' each other.

Best way to contact Mr. Mack?


text: 719 357 8412