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Janny Jarvis

Janny Jarvis - CTE Tesla EOS

Phone: (719) 328-5971


I have been at Tesla for a little over ten years and enjoying every minute! My master’s degree is in education and I’m credentialed in Career and Technical Education specializing in Outdoor and Recreation Leadership.  Some of my favorite classes to teach are wilderness first-aid/first responder and navigation using topographical maps. I am also a nationally certified wilderness EMT.

When not at school I enjoy being outdoors with my family and two dogs: camping, hiking and being either at the beach or in the high country. My dream is to do a two-week backpacking trip on horseback. And when I’m not outdoors, you’ll find me making quilts.

I love bringing outdoor skills to Tesla students and to help them find their direction in both the back country and into adulthood.

Why Tesla? “Everyone has value and at Tesla that value is commended and supported.”